Capital Raise and Partnering Support

It takes more than just a great idea to run a successful business. Start-ups need capital and partnerships to pursue their vision. We help them get what they need.

Securing capital and strategic partners is much harder than it looks. Investors and have a wealth of options on where and how to make their investments, making the job of securing deals a challenge for start-ups. Angel, venture capital and corporate investors review literally thousands of business plans – but  they only invest in a tiny fraction.

Raising capital and finding partners is also a huge time commitment. Start-up founders can expect to spend as much as 6 months of nearly full-time work on a successful investment round. The search for money can become a distraction for founders at the very time they need to stay focused on building their companies.

That’s where Bay of Thermi comes in. We’ve been through the process; we’ve served as advisors to start-ups clients who have successfully raised funding. Our work includes:

  • Development of financing strategies that match the needs of founders and investors
  • Positioning the opportunity in a manner that attracts investors and partners
  • Developing a comprehensive, targeted prospective investor list
  • Contacting and attracting partners and responding to due diligence requests
  • Negotiate the transaction

We help start-up ventures research the market and develop a cohesive investor and strategic partner plan. We develop the value proposition, pitch, business case and model. We build and manage a partner outreach. We make connections, build relationships, and drive the discussions forward. We help start-ups with the hard work involved in finding partners and money to grow their businesses.

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