Financial Modelling and Valuation – Your Vision in Numbers

Bay of Thermi creates financial models that project a clear vision of your business’s financial outlook. Models are used as tools for long-term strategic planning, to communicate future profitability, and to put a value on your venture.

A financial model will show managers and investors how much capital investment it takes to get a startup business off the ground, and, ultimately, how much cash flow it will produce. Models show customer acquisition costs and the amount revenue and profit each customer generates. They demonstrate how the business will grow over time.

Bay of Thermi has experience in forecasting revenues, expenditures, capital expenditures and working capital requirements companies in a wide range of industries and sectors. Model financial statements – income statement, balance sheet and cash flow – are tailored to include revenue and cost-drivers specific to your company, industry and market environment. Our financial models are supported by economic, industry and market data, and thorough real research and analysis.

Bay of Thermi financial models are realistic, easy to use and, most importantly, effective. Clients have told us that the credibility of their financial model represented the “critical piece” in securing early stage investment, and that our modelling gave them improved knowledge about financial opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.

Bay of Thermi creates valuation models for new ventures seeking funding. Our startup valuations help early stage companies get ready for negotiations with investors. Experienced in developing valuation models for clients in a wide range of industries, we can offer multiple approaches to valuation modelling. We work closely with the client to come up with a valuation model that makes sense given their specific capital-raising needs and transaction requirements.

Together with our Financial Modelling and Business Plan Creation offerings, our Startup Valuation helps clients sharpen their strategies in order to maximize their value in the investment marketplace. As with all of our offerings, our valuation services benefit from our deep understanding of early stages investors and their expectations.

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