New Venture Business Plans

Business Plans – That Produce Results

To succeed you need a plan. To convince others that you will succeed, you need to communicate your plan.

The Business Plan is your company’s most important document. A compelling business plan is critical at every step of the business launch and growth process. Bay of Thermi creates investor-ready business plans with maximum impact.

Bay of Thermi brings a deep understanding of what investors expect from a business plan. We’ve created business plans that have been used by early stage companies to raise millions of dollars worth of financing from angel and venture capital investors.

For a company at any stage, a compelling business plan is essential for raising capital. Investors look to the business plan to determine whether a venture is right for them. Important first impressions for investors come from the business plan.

We focus on demonstrating a sound business model, a thorough knowledge of the competitive marketplace, a coherent marketing strategy and credible financial projections.  We concentrate on what’s unique and exciting about the business, and clearly convey those attributes to investors and other decision-makers. By making differentiating factors a central theme throughout, we help ensure that the business plan has maximum impact where it counts.

Our thorough market, competitive, financial and risk analyses are communicated clearly and succinctly. We make technical and complex concepts easy to understand for to readers who are not experts in a particular industry or marketplace. We show the path to profitability and lay out an exit strategy for investors.

Bay of Thermi’s business plan creation process is designed to save costs and reduce your risks. Unlike cookie-cutter plans, ours are developed in close collaboration with our clients and tailored to client needs. We support the plan with real data, real research, and market validation.  Each business plan can be supported by extensive financial modeling, an executive summary that grabs readers’ attention.

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