As a very early stage R&D company, Exciton Technologies needed support and guidance on many different business levels. Short term and long term business issues needed to be addressed and over come. Ben McClure was instrumental in supporting Exciton with high-level business advice such as market assessment, business planning, IP strategy and corporate valuation. Ben allowed us to be successful sooner and more efficiently while avoiding many issues that collapse early stage companies.

Brian Bennett
VP Business Development
Exciton Technologies Inc.

Bay of Thermi’s valuation assessment of our company was instrumental in assisting us to successfully raise $5 million in capital.   Mr. McClure produced a valuation for Soluprin’s business plan that attracted several sophisticated investors. I found Mr. McClure to be honest and reputable in his dealings with Soluprin and highly recommend him. Sincerely,

Philip Felice, MD
President & CEO
Soluprin Pharmaceuticals Inc.

I want to thank Bay of Thermi Director, Ben McClure, for his great assistance with our HIV treatment Private Placement Memorandum.  His confidence with the subject matter, diligent effort, material organization skills, ability to collect and present pertinent data, in addition to his knowledge of promoting investor appeal, was essential to the project.   Ben is an affable gentleman to work with and I will contact him again should I have another occasion to prepare such a substantial and involved document.

Richard Church
Humanity Biotech Ltd

It’s astounding the amount of time and money that I saved by getting advice from an experienced technology startup professional. Ben McClure’s expertise saved me months of work and validated Triple D’s opportunity. His help with our business plan and investor presentation paved the way for a partnership with a major oil company.

D. Kosakewich
Founder and President
Triple D Technologies Inc.

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